Which is the best free VPN?

Free VPN sounds like a ticket to anything on the internet without the fear of being tracked. You can unblock streaming sites and any region-restricted site and all without spending a single penny for your virtual private network. But it is so important to understand which free VPN is the best and how they work for your privacy.

While using a free VPN service you have to sacrifice some privacy and functionality in order to enjoy VPN services. It is not wrong to say that no free VPN can match the level of any paid VPN in terms of services and encryption. But for some users, it can be still useful for their daily browsing.

Top 3 Best VPN services you can easily download

Here are some free and best VPN services that you easily download on your system to enjoy unrestricted browsing.

  • Hotspot Shield: With this VPN you will get one server and one location to connect on your device. This VPN gives the data limit of 500MB per day with a decent security service. You just have to sign up for an account and then you can log in and use this Hotspot shield easily. It has been the best free VPN for a very long time and does not make compromises that you can notice for sure.
  • TunnelBear: If you are thinking about to use this free VPN for your device then ready for some amazing options. This VPN give you 20 plus locations and 1000 servers to choose from.  This VPN also gives you 500MB per day limit with 24/7 live chat support. You can download it for your desktop and mobile too.
  • ProtonVPN Free: If you want to get free from data limit then this VPN can be your favorite. This VPN gives you unlimited data allowance with great privacy. You will also get three servers and three locations to choose from. But unfortunately it is just limited to desktop users. So if you are mobile user then you can go with tunnelbear VPN.

If you are still confused about your choice then you can also go with some paid VPN’s. A paid VPN can give you the best security and shields to enjoy your browsing without any problem. You can try HolaVPN and paid version of Hotspot shield by purchasing them at very cheap with the use of HolaVPN Coupon code and Coupons. It can give you some additional discount that can be so beneficial if you don’t have a good budget for paid VPN.

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